Black Holes

On the 20th of January at 6.00 pm the English mathematician and Nobel laureate Sir Roger Penrose will give a lecture online entitled From Black-Hole Singularities to Cyclic Cosmology

Sir Roger, a member of Wadham College and of the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, has made fundamental contributions to mathematcs and physics through his work on black hole singularities and has developed a new and attractive theory on the origin of the universe.  He has also written a number of boos for the lay public, including: The emperor's new mind (1989),  The nature of space and time (with S Hawking, 1996), The road to reality (2004) and Cycles of time (2010).

College students interested in attending the lecture should register in advance through this link. The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here. The abstract of the lecture and a short biography of Sir Roger are available at this page.

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