Breakfast Room

The College is sorry to report that the breakfast room in the South wing was damaged during the night between the 4th and 5th of November.  The damage involved the plastic cover of the radiator switches and one of the food dispensers.  

The action was inappropriate and the College expects that the student(s) who have caused the damage will come forward and take responsibility for the action before Friday the 13th of November at 12.00 noon in the College office in order to avoid a general response from College that would inevitably - and sadly - affect the whole College community.

Should the student(s) responsible for the damage fail to step forward, the College will close the breakfast rooms (G62-65 and G206), ping pong and table soccer room (G80), tv rooms (GG82 and G205) and gym (F75 and F76) between Friday 13th and Monday 16th of November 2015. It will also lift € 10 from the deposit account of each student - the minimal charge College Office can handle - in order to pay for the repairs.




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