The CCR5 Receptor

On the 13th of October Luca Vangelista of the University of Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan will give a talk at 5.00 pm on CCR5: a Crossroad for Infection and Inflammation. The talk will be available online at the following link:

The CCR5 receptor plays a key role in the entrance of HIV in target cells. HIV is the virus causing the Acquired Immuno Deficienty Syndrome (AIDS), a disease that has killed over 36 million people from 1981 to 2020.  The seminar will discuss research on CCR5 in the context of the HIV infection as well as other roles of this receptor in inflammation. 

The seminar poster that can be downloaded here. Further details, including a seminar abstract and a biographical sketch of the speaker are available at this page.   All College students are invited to attend, especially undergraduates and posgraduates reading Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine and PhD students incolved in life science projects.

Image: an electron micrograph of the HIV virus (courtesy of H Gelderblom, Robert Koch Institute, Berlin).

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