Clubs & Societies 2016/17

In the last few weeks, the College has been very occupiped with the Supervision Programme, the English Courses and the new Personal Development Plans. It is now time to focus on the work of the all important Volta Clubs & Societies and I suggest the following meeting calendar in order to discuss the ideas and work that Volta students will put forward for the current academic year.

Volta Cross Country, Rowing, Rugby, VolleyBall, BasketBall, Football Clubs
Wednesday 9 November, 9.00 pm

Volta Medical Society
Wednesday 9 November, 9.30 pm

Volta Cine Club and Volta Art, Literature and Music Societies:
Thursday 10 November, 9.00 pm

Volta Science Society
Thursday 10 November, 9.30 pm

All meetings will be in the Board Room (adjacent to the College entrance hall and will move to the lecture theatre if the number of participants exceed the capacity of the board room.


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