Clubs and Societies

The College is delighted with the level of interest expressed by freshers and higher year undergraduates for the Volta Clubs and Societies (62% of College undergraduates thus far have enrolled in one or more Club or Society). The level of interest expressed by College graduates has been lower (33%) but it should be kept in mind that the graduate section of Volta also include a number of short term visitors.

The flyers of the Volta Tennis Club and of the Volta Society for Economics were not printed for the College Assembly. These flyers have been left on the porter’s desk and all students interested in playing tennis or joining the activities of the Volta Society for Economics are asked to sign in before Friday the 18th of October.

College is very busy next week (Oct 13th - Oct 18th) with meetings between students and Directors of Studies and with the election of the students’ Committees. It is suggested however that the following week the following meetings of students who have signed for Clubs & Societies should take place in the College lecture theatre:

Wednesday 22th October, 6.00 pm
Arts Society, Drama Society, Literary Society, Music Society and Cine Club

Thursday 23rd October, 6.00 pm
Cross Country Club, Football Club, Footgolf Club, Rowing Club, Rugby Club, Volleyball Club and Garden Club

Wednesday 29th October, 6.00 pm
African Society, Political Society and Society for Economics

Monday 3rd November, 6.00 pm
Science Society

Tuesday 4th November, 6.00 pm
Medical Society

College hopes that all students who have signed in will attend these meetings in order to discuss and plan the work of Clubs & Societies for the academic year.



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