University Courses 2013/14

Volta students have an opportunity to meet their Director of Studies through a series of meetings during Freshers'  Week. On October 8th R Bottinelli will illustrate the pre-clinical Medical Courses at Pavia (Golgi and Harvey) at 5.00 pm and S Govoni will outline the Pharmacy Courses at 6.00 pm.  On October 9th G Rampa will explain the Courses in Economics at 5.00 pm and M Pampanin will follow describing the Law Courses at 6.00 pm. On October 10th C Cinquini and A Ferrara will illustrate the Courses in Engineering at 5.00 pm after which  G Guizzetti will discuss the Courses in Physics at 6.00 pm.  The meetings are aimed at new members of College but all students are invited because the Director of Studies will overview the whole Courses and the subjects studied at different years.

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