Embryonic Stem Cells

On the 26th of September at 5.00 pm Ryohichi Sugimura of the School of Biomedical Sciences of Hong Kong University will give a seminar entitled Spatiotemporal gene expression landscape of human embryonic organoids. A brief abstract of the seminar can be found below and the poster of the seminar is avaialble here.  

The therapeuic potential of embryonic stem cells has been studied for more than 25 years but many challenges remain before the potential of cell-based therapies is realised. Ryohichi Sugimura and his colleagues have made outstanding progress in understanding the biology of human embryonic stem cells and are bringing forward the prospect of medical application of these cells in a number of areas from regeneration to immunity and cancer.  The seminar will be of interest to all College students and will be of paramount importance to students of the Biology, Biotechnology and Medical Courses.

Scanning lectron micrograph of embryonic stem cells in culture.

We have employed novel types of stem cells to mimic the development of both embryonic and extra-embryonic tissues. We have established single-cell level spatial transcriptomics paired with scRNA-seq and imaging. The study revealed cross-talk between the placenta and neural crest. Further, we defined yolk sac hematopoiesis in our embryo models opening a venue to engineer immune cells against cancer.


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