English Courses

After a long wait the College English Courses are finally on their way.  The delay has been due to a good reason, namely the fact that EdISU, starting from 2014/15, has decided to offer Volta-syle Courses based on Cambridge English to students in all EdISU Colleges and needed to put in place the relevant administrative framework.

The Courses recently approved will take place in three Colleges (A Volta, P Fraccaro and G del Maino) and will involve two levels (A2/B1 and C1) and 48 hours of teaching in the evening and will prepare students for the ELTS examination.  College MSc student Giuseppe Sicliano had already collected a list of interested students. These students now need to confirm their intention to enrol in the English Courses to Giuseppe by the 26th of January at the latest because the College office needs to forward the final list to EdISU on January 27th. 

Courses are expected to run from mid February until the end of May and the enrolment cost for the Course is € 200 upfront but payment is not due by the 26th of January. Deadline and mode of payment will be confirmed by EdISU at a subsequent stage. College students will also be pleased to know that EdISU aims to refund a significant part of  the entolment fee to College students who will have attended regularly and successfully the Course.  Fulll details of EdISU refund will follow in due course.

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