English Courses 2016/17

In a meeting at EDiSU yesterday (October 28th), the starting dates and schedule of the Volta English Courses have been finalised.  The Courses at Volta will involve three classes (B1, B2 and C1) twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, the first of which will take off at 5.30 pm, and starting on Tuesday the 15th of November.

Further details will be sent to the students involved by email.

Studying English has become a regular feature of the life and work of many students of Volta. The College firmly believes that it is essential for any of its students to acquire a full mastership of the English language in order to enhance academic results during the degree Course and be better placed for the job market after the degree.

The declared ambition of the College is to take every student whose level of English is below a C1 to achieve this level at the end of the degree, a result that may take up to three years for students who enter College with A1/A2 English.  Students are initially tested for their English through a rigorous online examination and placed in an appropriate class depending upon the results of their entrance test.  English teaching at Volta takes place late in the afternoon or in the  evening with the first classes starting at 5.30 pm.

The College has been fairly successfull in negotiating reasonable Course fees with local private Language Schools that have provided the teachers for the College classes and, starting from from 2015/16, EDiSU has contributed to the cost of the English Courss partial funding the Courses. The cost for the Courses in 2015/16 has been € 200 per year and teh College hopes that the figure may be even lower in 2016/17.   The poster of the English Courses can be downloaded here






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