English Courses 2015/16

The new English Courses will start in November 2015.  Enrolmnent will start at the General College Assembly (October 13th at 6.00 pm in the College lecture theatre) and will continute until Thursday the 22nd of October.

EdISU will support the Courses financially, as it did in 2014/15. The College invites all Volta students whose English is below a C1 grade to enrol in the Courses. The cost for the Course is expected to be approximately € 200 with the possibility of a partial reimbiursement from EDiSU fo students who attend regularly and demonstrate commitment to the study of the English language.  Enrolment sheets are available at the College porter's desk, in teh College Office and on the noticeboarrds adjacent the breakfast rooms in the South and North wings.  Further information from E Gherardi <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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