Examinations 2013/14

The College has now collected full details of the examination results of undergraduate and MSc students (lauree magistrali). The figures demonstrate outdstanding progress across the field. 94% of the undergraduate population of Collegio Volta are students of Science and Maths, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine. The number of students reaching or exceeding the EdISU requirements for College placements was 67% for Science and Maths (up 27% from 40% in 2012/13), 80% for Engineering (up 47% from 33% in 2012/13), 80% in Pharmaceutical Sciences (up 5% from 75% in 2012/13) and 100% in Medicine (up 20% from 80% in 2012/13).

"This is an extraordinary leap forward that College has accomplished in a very short period of time - said College Master Ermanno Gherardi - and credit is due first of all to the students for the hard work that they have put in during this latest academic year and also to College for developing undergraduate supervisions and a strong learning environment.  It is also major recognition for EdISU and the reforms that EdISU embraced over the last few months in order to modernise and strengthen the Collegiate system of the University of Pavia.  The work at Volta, however, will not stop until all undergraduate students will reach or exceed EdISU requirements, a result that this year has only been achieved for Medicine". 

More details of the 2013/14 examination results can be found in the page Examinations 2013/14 under Academic Life.

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