Health & Safety

On the 28h of November 2018 Fabio  R Collamati and Antonio R Satta, namely the EDiSU Advisor/Consultant on matters of Health & Safety and the EDiSU Health & Safety Officer will meet the Collegio Volta and Collegio Golgi freshers.  The meeting will take place at 6.03 pm in the College lecture theatre. All Volta students who entered College on or after the 1st of September 2018 must attend this meeting and EDiSU will monitor attendance.

Although the majority of Volta freshers attended a College Health & Safety meting on 2 October 2018, Collegio Volta is specially pleased to see that EDiSU is taking a pro-active role on Helth & Safety matters and requests that freshers, include ones with evening classes, attend the EDiSU Health & Safety meeting without exception.



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