Hidden Lives

Hidden is a film trilogy scheduled in the evening during Freshers's week 2016/17.  The trilogy, introduced on October 3rd at 9.00 pm by film critic R Lasagna addresses the the hidden world underneath everyday’s life and uses two recent Italian films and a German one in order to address the issues

In the first of the three films scheduled (G Piccioni's  Giulia non esce la sera (2009); starring: V Golino and V Mastrandrea, on Monday, October 3rd at 9.30 pm)  a successful writer meets a women who has an untold story beyond her apparent reluctance to date the main character of the film. 

In  D Gansel. Die welle (The Wave, 2008),  starring: J Vogel, M Riemelt, J Ulrich and F Lau, Wednesday 5 October. 9.00 pm), D Gansel challenges the notion of the irreversibility of the pursue of individual freedom and democracy and analyses how a classroom can gradually be moved to a very different and unforeseen group beahviours.

In  B Bertolucci. Io e te (2012), starring: T Falco and J Olmo, Friday 7 October. 9.00 pm, B Bertolucci portrays a teenager who searches for loneliness but is reached by a drug-addicted stepsister to whom he gradually unfolds his inner world in the search for a more mature and open personality.

The main characters of the three movies are all young and live - or search for a life - distinct from the 'visible' one. G Piccioni, D Gansel and B Bertolucci show what may lie below the surface of daily life and offer a powerful account of  the vast, hidden world of adolescents and young adults.

The poster of the film trilogy can be downloaded here






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