Volta International Dinner 2013

Over 25 foreign members of Collegio Volta staged an international dinner and dances on Saturday, 9th November 2013.  The event included students from 11  nationalities, namely:

Belgium (Evelynn Vergauwen)
Cameroon (Theodore Djomeni, Marc Djousse, Rostand  Fiya Nyonce, Isabelle R Matso Takou, Guylein Anthony Kengne, Elvira Laure Nya Tzouato,  Gabin Kana Tsiguia, Carine Tiwa Kanou, Cedric Nandjo Nandjo, Rita Tonieli, Francoise Rita Tonlieu)
China  (Li Tang, Ma Xin)
Germany (Fabienne Michelle Amann)
Iran (Mohammad J Khoshgoftar)
Italy (Ermanno Gherardi, Luca de Martinis, Niccolò Previati, Francesco Ruberto, Camilla Tomasetta)
Kenya (Juma Mwaswere )
Lebanon (Ali Rida)
Spain (Diego Arroyo, Lourdes C Nadal Casado, Amaia IIzquierdo Maizbide)
Tunisia (Hela Rebei)
Turkey (Merve Karpuz)

Each nationality prepared its typical food and beverages. Before starting the dinner, all the participants introduced themselves, their country and of the food prepared. Dinner was accompanied by music and followed by socialising games, group dances and songs. The event was very successful, allowed a number of students to meet for the first time and numerous new bonds were formed throughout the evening. Foreign students studying at Volta have a number of new friends in College from tonight. Francesco Ruberto.


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