Job Requests

Students of Collegio Volta have access to an online system for submitting non-urgent requests for small repairs and maintenance (in contrast to urgent requests that require immediate action and carry an element of danger to people and/or property and that must be submitted by phone to the College office - extensions 701 or 702 - or the Porter’s Desk - extension 511).  Less urgent requests for maintenance and repairs are submitted via the College intranet area accessed from the College home page ( according to the following procedure:

1. Request a College Intranet Account by entering a suitable username and password on the College home page.  This account will give you general access to the intranet area. Once you have created the intranet account you will receive a confirmation email containing a link that you need to follow in order to validate your registration (this step is necessary in order for the account to be activated).

2. After logging into the intranet area, you will see an expanded home page with additional icons at the top including Job Requests.

3. Click on Job Requests and set up a dedicated Repairs/Maintenance Account. Once you have done done so, you will have access to a form in which you can enter your name and surname, room and details of the job that you require. The form is automatically forwarded to the College office which will acknowledge your request and send you a reply confirming the ticket number and informing you whether the job will be carried out by the College keeper or whether the request will be forwarded to central EdISU offices and carried out by an external contractor. You can monitor the progress of your request at any subsequent time by logging into your repair/maintenance account and opening the relevant ticket.

4. The College is aiming to simplify the above procedure by enabling the general intranet account to access directly repairs/maintenance, thus avoiding the need for the dedicated repairs/maintenance account. College members will be promptly notified when the simplified system will be operational but for the time being students are asked to use the procedure detailed above in order to submit their job requests.

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