Language Studies

College graduate and alumna Giulia Bonaretti is taking language studies at Volta to a new level.  Giulia has offered to the members of Volta a free Course in French (basic) and Russian (basic).  The French Course has enrolled 14 students, the Russian one has enrolled 10.

The College will also host shortly English Courses, at two different levels. Starting from the academic year 2014/15, the English Courses are co-organised with EDiSU and have enrolled this year a lower number of students compared to last year (18 students plus a member of staff vs 27 students in 2014/15. The decreases in the number of students studying English at Volta depends on the late start of the Courses last year, a problem that will be overcome this year. All in all though 42 students are studying English or French or Russian at Volta.




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