Library Support

The College has received applications from 15 students (12 undergraduates and 3 graduates) willing to contribute to the library service and has considered applications from candidates who have lived and worked in College for at least one year. New members of College who have expressed an interest in contributing to the library service are kindly invited to reapply next year.

The four students appointed to provide library support throughout the academic year 2016/17 (3 undergraduates and 1 graduate) are M Perrone, V Rinaldi, H Alhellani and S Pietrobon.

M Perrone and V Rinaldi will provide service from 10 October 2016 until 24 February 2017.  H Alhellani and S Pietrobon will provide service from 27 February 2017 until 27 July 2017.

Service is from Monday to Friday every week except official holidays and is from 6.00 to 7.00 pm in the small office next to the College board room located on ground floor close to the entrance hall. New students who need help, can ask the porter on duty for directions.  Suggestions or complaints concerning the library service should be addressed directly to the College Director.







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