Library Support

Formal College library support, which involves cataloguing new books and journals and providing a loan service to the members of Volta, will only start early November as a result of the broad changes that EDiSU is introducing about students' paid contributions. These changes were outlined by M Aramini, Director General of EDiSU, during the General College Assemby of 1 October 2018.

The College needs to provide a library loan service even during the month of October, however, and I am calling on the members of Volta to step forward, give a bit of their time to the College community and provide basic library support starting from Monday the 8th of October.  Service is between  6.00 and 7.00 pm Monday to Friday in a small office near the Director's office and students willing to help will find that they can use most of that time for their own revision in between loan requests.  Applications in writing to the College Director.

Image: the JTM Needham College library (photograph by former Volta undergraduate S Tondi).

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