Lifestyle, Health and College Life

On June 9th Anna Odone and Stefano Cacitti will visit College and will outline a questionnaire that she and her colleagues have devised and that addresses lifestyle and health issues of students living in the Colleges of the University of Pavia. The presentation will take place at 6.00 pm in the College lecture theatre and a flyer illustrating the scope of the questionnaire and the study is available here.  All College students are invited to attend.

Lifestyle is a key health - and disease - determinant and it is important to have reliable information on the lifestyle of members of the collegiate community of the University of Pavia in order for Colleges and University to discourage practices that harm students health (unsafe sex, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, etc) and promote practices that support healthy living and strong academic achievements.  The format of the questionnaire preserves anonimity and over 700 students from other Colleges have returned it. Collegio Volta therefore hopes that its students will participate and make a strong contribution to this valuable study.

Anna Odone is professor of Public Health at the University of Pavia and a member of Consiglio Superiore di Sanità (Italian Ministry of Health). Stefano Cacitti is a postgraduate medical student in Public Health.


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