Light Microscopy

The College is organising a major seminar series on Light Microscopy from Monday the 19th of March to Thursday the 22nd.  Light microscopy has undergone dramative developments in the last 10-20 years that culminated in the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to Eric Betzig, Stefan W Hell and William E Moerner for the development of so-called super resolution fluorescence microscopy. 

The College series will involve a total of 8 seminars (2 per day at 2.00 and 4.00 pm respectively) and will cover both the foundations and the most recent advances in advanced imaging methods, super resolution, localisation microscopy and multi photon microscopy.   All College students are invited to participate, especially students of the Biology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine Courses.  The poster of the series can be downloaded here. Image: DNA inside a cell's nucleus by super-resolution microscopy,

Speakers, dates and topics

William B Amos, Cambridge
Monday 19th March. 2.00 pm
Resolution and the nature of optical images

William B Amos, Cambridge
Monday 19th March. 4.00 pm
Ray and wave optics and practical microscopy

William B Amos, Cambridge
Tuesday 20th March. 2.00 pm
Polarisation and interference methods

William B Amos, Cambridge
Wednesday 21th March. 2.00 pm
New directions in optical microscopy

Rainer Heintzmann, Jena
Tuesday 20th March. 4.00 pm
Super resolution microscopy

Gail McConnell, Strathclyde
Wednesday 21st March. 4.00 pm
Lasers and advanced imaging methods

Susan Cox, London
Thursday 22nd March. 2.00 pm
Localisation microscopy

Veronika AM Te Boekhorst, Houston.
Thursday 22nd March. 4.00 pm
Multiphoton microscopy
























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