Medical Care

Students of Collegio Volta need to make sure that they have full access to medical care. The College is very close to Policlinico San Matteo and this hospital, unlike other ones in town, has an Accidents & Emergencies Department.  Accidents and Emergencies, however, means exactly what the words mean but students spend from 3 to 10 years studying at Pavia depending on the  courses and it is certain or nearly certain that during such time they will to see a doctor. The provisions for medical care differ for Italian students, for EU students and for non-EU students and are briefly outlined here.

Italian students
Details of procedures are summarised in this University page.  There are basic two approaches. The first and most appropriate is that students register with a general practitioner (GP) for one year, chosen from the full list of GPs active in town, and renew their registration for subsequent years. This enables students to develop a close and effective interaction with their GP on all matters medical and results in students receiving the best medical care.  The second approach is more casual and involves access to a surgery that has close links with the University and ensures that even students of the University of Pavia who have not registered can see a doctor when they need (details and contacts are found on the same page). This is an excellent back up provision but not a substitute for the most direct and effective course of action, which involves registration.

EU students
Details and procedures are summaries in this other University page. EU students who carry a valid European Health Insurance Card may chose and contact directly one of the GP from the list of GPs active in Pavia and register with them. They have access to medical care on the same terms that apply to Italian students

Other students
Details of procedures are summarised in this University page. Students from selected, non EU countries have medical insurance that covers their access to medical services in Italy. Non EU students who do not have valid medical insurance for Italy should purchase insurance through the Italian NHS. Outline instructions can be found on the page indicated. he local NHS office is at: 3 viale Indipendenza, Pavia (tel +39 0382 4311). The cost for this insurance is € 150 per year of part of.

The College will conduct a survey in a near future in order to establish and ensure that all Volta students have adequate access to medical care in case of need. Foreign students who need assistance in order to comply with paperwork in Italian should contact the College Office.

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