Cosa Sarà

High-tech company FacilityLive, based in Pavia, together with the Pavia City Council and the University of Pavia is organising a New Ideas Festival in Pavia from October 19th to 21st (a flyer of the event can be found here).

As part of this New Ideas Festival, four Colleges - one of which is Volta - on Saturday the 20th of October will enter a challenge in which they will submit innovative proposals tackling problems in four areas and offering solutions based on currently available digital technology. The four areas are: memoria (history in all its aspects), salute (health care), sport and territorio (county/land). Each College will tackle only one of the four areas through a draw. Hence Volta must build a proposal in each area because it will only find out the area assigned on October 20th.

College students of any degree Course are asked here to submit proposals for the New Ideas Festival through a brief email to the director. Out of this list, College will choose one proposal per area and a team of 5 students who will participate at the event on October 20th. The Volta proposals will not be communicated to the organisers of the Festival at present (they will be guarded jealously at Volta until October 20th) but College needs to collect and evaluate ideas internally and submit, by Sunday the 7th of October, the names of the five students who will participate in the event (the Volta team). Deadline for receipt of proposal from College students is midnight on Saturday the 6th of October. There will be large coverage of the New Ideas Festival in both local and national media.

Image: courtesy of Lambeth Academy, Clapham, London

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