New Room Numbers

The College is moving steadily toward the opening of the North Wing, also known as the Green Wing, which will house the Graduate students of Volta.  EdISU have placed the order for the furniture of the North Wing and are currently assessing proposals for a full re-wiring of the College that will finally solve the problem of a number of black spots currently failing to capture useful wifi signals.

The College will organise an Open Day after the delivery of the furniture to the North Wing in order to enable Volta students to take sight of their future rooms and the communal facilities of the North Wing. The date of the Open Day will be communicated by Easter once the delivery of the new furniture will have been confirmed.

The College is also proceeding with the re-numbering of students' rooms in order to implement a single numbering system across the South and North Wings.  Students seeing their room number changing in the coming days therefore need not worrying.  They also need be aware that new room numbers will be preceded by a letter that defines the floor: G for ground, F for first floor, S for second and T for third..

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