North Wing Computers

The College aims to buy several new computers for the communal computer rooms. As a first step in the process two new iMacs have been purchased for the computer room of the College Graduate section (the North Wing). The language of the opertating system of these two computers is English and the computers have an international Englilsh keyboard reflecting the fact that a large number of students living in the North Wing are from outside Italy.  The computers have several software packages installed (Keynote, Number and Pages, for example) in addition to Acrobat Reader and popular browsers. Usernames and passwords are provided on the actual computers.

Students should not store their work on these computers but can take their work away via the internet or a USB drive (the computers have several USB ports).  Further, students should not install software on these machines; they are welcome, however, to suggest to College the purchase and installation of additional software.

The College will shortly provide a small printer for the North Wing computer room and headphones to be used with the two iMacs in order to enter online examinations for the English language Courses.

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