College Prefects

The College has appointed the students listed below as Prefects for the academic year 2015/16. Prefects have a role in ensuring that College rules are upheld in their area of the building and in promoting students response and participation to College life and events. They also play a role in matters of Health & Safety.

South Wing

V Carini room G_12A, extension 531 (G12-G15)
A Barone room F_01A, extension 557 (F01-F04)
C Neidhöfer room F_15D, extension 598 (F10-F15)
GA Kengne room S_04B, extension 612 (S01-S04)
M Gatti room S_13A, extension 636(S10-S15)
I Grassi T_04B, extension 651 (T03-T04 & T10-T11)

North Wing

A Martinasso room G_06D, extension 413 (Ground Floor)
M Invernici room F_07D, extension 439 (First Floor)
C Sgarlata S_06F, extension 460 (Second Floor)
G Siciliano T_05C, extension 478 (Third Floor)


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