College Rules & Regulations

The College Rules & Regulations, available  in an Italian version at this page on the College website and downlodable here have been revised in several respects, largely to comply with changing Health & Safety and EDiSU Regulations. The English version will be updated shortly as well. The following points are worth noting:

Residence. The College aims to introduce an electronic system that keeps track of the students present in the College building at any time. This is specially important on Health & Safety grounds. Further information will be made available as soon as the workability of the new system is confirmed.

Guests. Guests will to sign in and sign out when they enter and leave College, once more on Health & Safety grounds.  The hours at which guests must leave the College have also been updated in order to comply with the working hours of the College porters. Students expecting guests on Sunday must inform College in advance and provide details of the name surname, address, arrival and departure time of the guests.

Parties. Parties organised by individual students (birthday, graduation, etc) involving up to 15 people must be notified to College at least 3 days in advance. Permission for these is granted by College. Larger parties organised by groups of students, ie College Clubs & Societies, must be notified to College at least 10 days in advance. Permission for these parties is granted jointly by College and EDiSU.

Discipline. EDiSU has introduced minor changes in matters of discipline last May and the College Rules & Regulations have been updated accordingly.

The College, as always, welcomes comments and suggestions from students about the Rules & Regulations and any other aspect of College life.




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