Semaphorins and Cancer

Luca Tamagnone, a scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research in Candiolo (Turin) will visit College and University on Thursday, December 4th and will give a seminar on Semaphorin signalling controlling cancer cells and the tumour microenvirnoment at 4.15 pm at the Division of Immunology and General Pathology.  The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here.

Luca Tamagnone, a group leader at the Institute of Cancer Research in Turin, became involved in research on semaphorins and plexin, the major class of semaphorin receptors shortly after his graduation in 1992.  He was first author of the Cell paper that established plexins as functional semaphorin receptors and, over the last decade. he developed a highly successful research programme on semaphorins and plexins in cancer, the ropic of his seminar.

College students in Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutica Sciences and Medicine are warmly encouraged to attend L Tamagnone's seminar.

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