Skin Stem Cells for Therapy: Seminar

On February 26th 2014 at 6.00 pm Alberto Giannetti, a clinical scientist formerly at the University of Modena and living in Pavia, will give a College seminar in Italian on: Cellule staminali epidermiche: proprieta' biologiche e applicazioni cliniche.  The seminar is open to all College students and other University students will be of particular interest to students of Medicine (both pre-clinical and clinical), Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here. The abstract of the seminar, key references and a short biographical sketch of Alberto Giannetti can be found in the relevant page.

On a separate but important note College students may also like to know that Alberto Giannetti is a College benefactor since several months ago he entrusted the College Library with a copy of a large textbook on Skin and Skin Diseases that he edited.

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