Students' Art Box - Pavia

On Tuesday the 4th March at 7 pm in the Sala Lettura of Collegio Golgi 1 Fabrizio Fiaschini will introduce the Students' Arts Box (SAB) project to members of Collegio Golgi 1 and Collegio Golgi 2. 

The SAB project is an interesting initiative by Fabrizio Fiaschini, Federica Villa, Monica Visioli, Luigi Schiavi, Paolo Campiglio who are members of the Dipartimento Umanistic of the University of Pavia, and to support and offer extra opportunities to the students at Pavia toward the attendance of exhibitions,  theatre productions, concerts, and special cinema events.  Recent newsletters of the SAB project, ie sab_newsletter7, sab_newsletter8 and sab_newsletter9, are available for downloading.

Students of Collegio Volta are warmly encouraged to attend the meeting at Collegio Golgi 1 on Tuesday the 4th of March.

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