Students' Committees

The following rules apply to the election of students' College Committees for 2014/15.

1. The College will appoint an ad hoc election Committee composed of 6 students from different nationalities (visitors are excluded). The election Commitee will agree final election procedures and dates with the College Director and ensure correct proceedings.

2. College students will elect  a VSU executive consisting of 8 members: 4 members (a JCR subcommittee) will be elected by College undergraduates, 4 (an MCR subcommitee) will be elected by College graduates.  Students whose enrolment into MSc Courses is pending, subject to successful completion of the undergraduate Course, are treated by College as postgraduate students for the sake of election of students' representative.  These new arrangements supersede the ones that College used in previous years (a general VSU Committee and additional Library, Sports and House Committees). Under the new arrangements there will be no formal Library, Sports and House Committees as these are absorbed by the enlarged VSU Committee  (8 members strong, in line with general EdISU Rules and Regulations).  The JCR and the MCR subcommittees will nominate a President and members responsible for Library, Sports and House respectively.  Thus, an undergraduate student interested in contributing to College policy in the Sports area, for example, should seek election in the JCR subcommittee explaining that s/he would be specially interested in contributing to Sports. A postgraduate member of the College interested in developing College libraries should seek election in the MCR subcommittee and indicate that s/he is keen to contribute to the development of the College library, etc.

3. The College Director aims to finalise procedures with the election Committee on Wednesday 8th of October. Nominations should be received by the 13th of October and elections should be completed by Monday 20th of October. The first meeting of the new VSU executive will take place on Tuesday 21st at 6.00 pm.

4. College wishes to remind its members that 61% of College strudents are women, 27% are foreigners and 66% are freshers. A VSU Committee that distorts these figures in a major way will not be deemed as representative and will be rejected. The College thus encourages female members, foreign members and young undergraduates (1st and 2nd year students) to take an active role in the election process and stand up for election.


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