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The College wishes to inform its members that the students' welfare service due to start early in November - but delayed in the process - is now active. Details of the service remain as published below in the original post.  The College hopes that its students will make use of this important service.


Original Post

The Centro Orientamento (COR) of the University of Pavia and EdISU have joined efforts in order to offer a counselling and support service to students based at Collegio A Volta and other EdISU Colleges.  Collegio A Volta is pleased that this students’ welfare service (SWS) has been introduced and had actively requested EdISU to provide a students’ welfare service in November/December 2013 and the following is an outline of what the service entails:

Who, where and when
The service will be provided by Consuelo Traviglia, a psychologist working for EdISU/COR and will be based in College. Day and hours of SWS are Tuesdays in term time (no service on official University holiday dates) between 5.15 and 6.45 pm in the College board room (ground floor, adjacent the main entrance hall; freshers unsure about the location of the board room should ask the porter for directions).  Students can either turn up at the door - and wait in the entrance hall if Consuelo is busy with other students or, preferably, write to Consuelo Traviglia at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; in order to book an appointment. Both individual and group appointments are welcome. Individual matters are treated in confidence.

The scope of SWS is wide and covers:

Pastoral. Any personal issue that concerns students’ well being and college life fall under the remit of SWS. Examples include difficulties in liasing with other members of the College community, family problems (parent’s divorce, illness, etc), eating habits, sex life, alcohol and drugs related problems, etc.

Financial. Financial difficulties during a student’s life at University may arise from a variety of causes. Parents’ divorce, unemployment, illness or death are the most common ones. All these may jeopardise University careers and students affected should seek help via SWS. Students may also like to know that Collegio Volta requested EdISU in November/December 2013 and again in October 2014 to set up an Emergency Fund to provide extra financial support to students facing financial hardship. A Collegiate system must have an Emergency Fund providing support at unexpected and sudden times of hardship and the College is confident that EdISU will implement such a fund. Meanwhile, students in need should not hesitate reporting their circumstances and requesting help.

Academic. Students at Volta enjoy extensive and comprehensive academic support ranging from:  (i)  Course guidance, Course change and general career advice offered by the Volta Directors of Studies,   (ii) supervisions on a range of subjects  (Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology and Pathology) offered by Volta Senior Tutors and,  (iii) general study advice offered by the Volta Junior Tutors(submission of study plans, exam time tabling, choice of textbooks and access to other teaching material). The scope of the SWS, however, extend to academic matters and students of Collegio Volta should feel free to discuss the as well with SWS if they see it appropriate.  

In the leaflet that was circulated announcing SWS there is mention of a students’ questionnaire on welfare issue. The College will provide further details about this when these will be received.


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