Summer Revision

Revision time has now arrived for Volta undergraduates and MSc students and with it, the hot summer that the city of Pavia typically enjoys.  Collegio is fortunate in having a new wing (the North wing) in which approximately 80 students live and work and which offers air conditioning. The (largely undergriaduate) students living in the South wing, however, have limited access to cool areas but the College is working hard in order to ensure that its members can revise effectively.

J Needham Library.  This largest College library has cooling installed and can accommodate up to 36 students

JD Bernal Library. The second College library does not have cooling installed. It can accommodate 24 students. The College aims to have a cooling unit installed during the current academic year (the provision of a cooling unit to the Bernal library is an issue of the highest priority).

Revision Rooms on Third Floor (T30 and T31). These two rooms have cooling and can accommodate 16 students.

Seminar rooms 2 and 3 (S198 and T81). These new rooms in the North wing have cooling installed and feature a large table that can accommodate 6 students in each room (12 students in total). They are available for use to all members of Volta including undergraduates living in the South wing but, unlike the J Needham and JD Bernal libraries and the Revision Rooms on the third floor (South wing), access is controlled.  Rooms will be open between 8.30 am and 12.00 pm (Monday to Friday) and between 8.30 am and 10.30 pm (Saturday).  Users of these new seminar rooms are also reminded that no food and drinks are allowed therein and that tables must be kept and left immaculately clean.

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