Supervisions 2017/18

Monday the 20th of November will see the start of the College supervisions (also known as tutorials). College supervisions are a crucial asset for the academic development and career of the students of Volta. College has put forward proposals for 16 supervisions, of which the majority are certain, a few are potential and will depend on the enrolment of external students, as the number of Volta students in those groups is limited.  The involvement of external students in College teaching is a policy that the University government has strongly advocated and that Collegio Volta is keen to implement.

Supervisors will contact their students' groups shortly in order to seek confirmation of attendance and extend enrolment where necessary.

The bulk of Volta supervisions are directed to Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects (10 supervisions in total). The other ones target Biochemistry and Physiology. The majority of this teaching is directed to yr 1 students, the remainder targets selected yr 2 courses and subjects.

Students enrolled in courses for which supervisions are offered have a duty to attend at least one supervision (24 hours in total) during the year although College expects that, where students have the opportunity to attend more than one supervision, they will take full advantage of this.  Students need to fill in their personal diary with details of the supervisions attended and the list of topics. These are available from the supervisors and on the College web pages (Undergraduate Teaching).

A brief list of the supervisions offered by Volta in 2017/18 is on display on the noticeboard near the College office. The full list of College supervisions for the year 2017/18 can be found here. An email will be sent shortly to all students attending courses for which supervisions are offered.





















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