The Arab Spring

Four lectures/debates on The Arab Spring addressing the rise and drift of the Arab nation, the roots of the Arab uprising and its consequences for the Middle East, North Africa and the world at large.

The first lecture on The Arab nation will be given by Khaled F Allam of the University of Trieste on 13th November 2013, 9.00 pm and will address the origin and history of the Arab people and the complex landscape of the Arab nation at the present day.

The second one on The Arab Quest for Freedom will be given by Sara Khorshid, an Egyptian journalist and writer and an insightful analyst of the Arab uprising, 20th November 2013, 9.00 pm.  Sara Khorshid will address the Arab Spring as seen by thos members of Arab societies who saw the uprising as a way to develop freedom and democracy

The third lecture on An uncertain transition will be given by Gian Paolo Calchi Novati of the University of Pavia and the Italian Institute for International Research on 26th November 2013, 9.00 pm. Gian Paolo Calchi Novati will analyse the realpoliik of the Arab Spring, namely the economic, political and religious issues that have come to play a major role in the Arab uprising and led in several countries to open conflict and civil war.
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The fourth and final lecture on The Arab world between revolution, radical Islam and repression: which future after the Arab Spring will be given by Giorgio Musso of the University of Genova on 4th December 2013.  Giorgio Musso will analyse the broad and long term implications of the Arab uprising for the Arab countries themselves as well  the Arab world in general and its role in the world.

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