Ultimate Hunters

For the second year running the freshers of Collegio Volta have won the inter-collegiate Treasure Hunt, a popular event enacted with passion and enthusiasm and capable of generating massive following and support in every College.

The Volta's freshers who won the 2016/17 (shown in the picture and listed alphabetically) are:  Luca Albertazzi, Francesco Cervellera, Benedetta Dalmagioni, Sofia Giorgi, Martina Giudice, Giulia Imberti, Silvia Lamarra, Ruggiero Lattanzio, Chiara Mauri, Alessandro Papa, Riccardo Pilia, Sara Rovertoni, Matteo Turchetti and Giuseppe Termini  and have been duly mentored by Giovanni Gruosso and Alfio Marra, also shown in the picture.  Another picture shows the celebrations of the team and supporters on the night of the event (29th April). 

The College wishes to congratulate its students for this further achievement.








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