Halving Premature Death

The 2016/17 Volta lecture will be given by Sir Richard Peto of Oxford University in the College lecture theatre at 5.00 pm on May 25th.  The lecture will illustrate the social, scientific and medical actions in order to halve the number of premature deaths worldwide in the next two decades, a goal that Sir Richard regards as achievable.  Sir Richard is a leading epidemiologist who made groundbreaking contributions to the methodologiy of epidemiological investigations field, including the logrank test and meta-analysis, and their application to the study and control of human disease.

The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here. A synopsis of the lecture can be found here, a brief biography can be found here. Additional information about the lecture and speaker can be found at this page. All College students are expected to attend the annual Volta lecture.

Image courtesy: Nuffield Department of Primary Care, Oxford University









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