VSU Committee

The new Volta Students Union (VSU) Committee (Comitato Alunni in EDiSU vocabulary) will be elected on Tuesday 19th of October. 

A poster listing the candidates and summarising the procedure is available here.

In the afternoon of Monday 18th October at 6.00 pm the candidates will introduce themselves to a General Students Assembly in the College Lecture Theatre and will discuss with members of the College their ideas and plans for College development. Actual voting will take place on Tuesday 19th from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The list of students entitled to vote and the ballot boxes will be located at the porter's desk.  Undergraduate students will elect three undergraduate representatives, postgraduate students will elect three postgraduate representatives. Each student votes a one representative.  The list of candidates is provided below as well. 

N Loizzo, Medicine yr 2,
A Scarpellini, Medicine yr 2,
EA Perli, Mathematics yr 2,
F Zambrini, Medicine yr 2.

OD Adeniyi, Environmental Science, yr 2 (PhD),
A Barone, Physical Education, yr 1 (MSc),
A Caiulo, Computer Science, yr 2 (MSc),
P Catarsi, Bioengineering yr 3 (PhD),
MA Codrea, Physics, yr 2 (MSc)

Students representation and contribution to College life and development are taken in the highest regard at Volta and all College members are strongly invited to participate in the election and cast their vote.

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