VSU Committees

The College is pleased to annoucne that members of Volta have elected S Soriano (Medicine, yr 3), G Badessi (Medicine, yr 4), D Farzin (Pharmaceutica Sciences, yr 2), G Dipinto (Sports Sciences, yr3) and H Wa Katolo (Medicine, yr 1) to the JRC Committee.  They have also elected G Sicliano (MSc student in Electronic Engineering, yr 2), F Ruberto (PhD student in Economics, yr 2), G Bonaretti (MSc student in Economics, Politics and International Studies, yr 2) and A Rida (MSc student in Civil Engineering, yr 2) to the MCR Committee. F Soriano and g Sicliano will serve as Presidents of the JCR and MCR). G Dipinto and H Wa Katolo will serve one semester each in the JCR having secured an equal number of votes.

The College would also like to express its warmest thanks to C Neidhoefer, R Collotta and F Tchaptchet for standing for the JCR and to L Biondo, C Neidhoefer, J-P Haugh, GA Ochakowski, C Tiwa Kanou and A Rida for serving as Elections Committee.

Finally, the College would like to thank wholeheartedly College students for the strong display of democracy and participation Volta: 73% percent of Volta undergraduates voted for the JCR and 47% of postgraduates voted for the MCR.

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