Web Design

Web design is no longer the task of a few professionals. It is an activity that - at some point or another - will involve the vast majority of people, especially graduates. Mastering the basics of web design, therefore is a fundamental component of computer literacy.  The College offers a 12 hours Course in web design open to all students and aiming at providing key principles and basic practical knowledge. More details about the Course can be found at this page and the poster of the Course can be downloaded here.

The Course will be offered by MSc student Antonio Contino in the main College lecture theatre on the dates and times listed below,  Students are advised to bring their laptop computer to these classes.

(1) Introduction to web design. Basic tags. Fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Index HTML. Monday 16 October, 6.00 pm

(2) HTML and CSS.Structure of web pages. Responsive. Wednesday 18 October, 6.00 pm

(3) Javascript. Pop-up menus. Monday 23 October, 6.00 pm

(4) Graphics. Tables. Media. Wednesday 25 October, 6.00 pm

(5) Advanced CSS. Javascript. Monday 30 October, 6.00 pm

(6) Botstrap and jQuery. CMS: Wordpress. Wednesday. 31 October, 6.00 pm













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