Welcome China

The College is well aware that its website is the best way to reach other academic communities and prospective students across the world and Volta is proud of the fact that its web site is visited extensively from most countires in the world (see image).  China was a notable exception to this pattern until recently with relatively few viisitors compared to other countries but this may well be about to change.  In March 2015 the Volta website was accessed 22 times from China and this trend is continuing and strenghtening in April.  Volta welcomes this increased interest from China and encourages prospective applications for College placements from Chinese undergraduate and graduate students.

The USA and the UK are the foreign countries that top the league in terms of access to the Volta website and are followed by Brasil, Spain, Germany and India. Visitors from Ireland spend the longest time on our site, accessing on average 18 pages per visit.  55% of Volta online visitors have Italian as the language set by their operating system, 43% have another language.  Visitors with English as their default language are 23% (French 7%, German 3%, Spanish 3%).


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