Who is Who at Volta

The list of College members on display in the entrance hall has been updated and now llists students in residence on 3rd November 2014.

Approximately 130 of the current members of Volta are freshers. The process of College admissions has been momentuous because on 1st of October 2014 College capacity expanded from the previous 120 placements to the current figure of 202 as a result of the completion of the new North wing.  The list contains the names of 195 students as several prospective College members are still to finally confirm arrival as a result of late University selection procedures, including examinations for PhD studentships. 

In 2013/14 EdISU had initiated a major review process of College admission procedures.  Collegio Volta will submit a full report to EdiSU about the September/October 2014 admission statistics. The report will highlight the need for further changes and streamlining in admission policies and Voilta hopes that the process of reform will both move forward and accellerate.


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