alumni2The College is seeking to establish an Alumni Society with former students who are willing to take a broad and long-term interest in the  work and development of Volta. The Alumni Society will work closely with the College Master and the Volta Students Union. It will discuss College policy and strategy and  submit ideas and topics for discussion in order to strengthen scholarship and enhance the recognition of Volta in Italy and abroad.


The legal Constitution of the Volta Alumni Society (VAS) can be downloaded from the respective link (the document is in Italian). Briefly, VAS is a not for profit organisation, whose membership is open to all Volta students who spent at least a full academic year in College. VAS aims to support the College by helping and extending its work in fullfillment of the College mission and increase, consequently, the visibility of the College in Italy and abroad. 

At a practical level, members of VAS will hold a general meeting in College once a year, generally in the spring, during which time dates and procedures will be for election of the President, secretary and other members of the executive Committee. The executive Committee, in turn will put proposals to VAS members and College for work in all areas in which College is active. VAS members will pay a small subscription fee in order to cover costs and will be actively engaged in fund raising with the view to extend the budget available in the College as whole for the cultural life of the College, Prize studentships, travel grants, etc...

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