Students Welfare

University students have a very busy life, both socially and academically and it is a well established fact that a significant number of students experience periods of stress or depression throughout their time at University. The College feels a duty to offer support to such students and is exploring effective procedures.

Volta is committed to support the well being of College students in any possible way. College students have access to an internal helpline "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " through which they can seek preliminary advice, anonymously if they prefer, and students may are assured that College will handle any such enquiry in the strictest confidentiality.

The College also encourages its students to seek advice and counselling from the service that the University provides on matters of stress management, depression, alcohol, drugs and any other matter that may affect students' well being and academic performance. The service is currently operated by Paola Roberta Ferrari, a psychologist who works from the Centro di Orientamento of the University. Paola confirmed in a recent meeting that she will schedule an appointment with any student who is in need of support and who approaches her. This is a valuable service that Volta students are encouraged to seek and access when in need.

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