College Placements

EdISU is in charge for the funding and management of 9 University Colleges (Cairoli, Cardano, Casti-glioni, Fraccaro, Griziotti, Spallanzani, Valla, Volta and Giasone del Maino) and 2 Halls of residence (Residenza Golgi 1 and 2) in Pavia. EdISU is also responsible of a further Hall of residence (Quartier Nuovo) for Music students in Cremona, the city in which the School of Music of the University of Pavia is based.

Approximately 2,500 students studying at the University of Pavia live in Colleges or Halls of residence. Four such Colleges (Borromeo, Ghislieri, S Caterina and Nuovo) are supported directly by the Italian Ministry for Education and two of these (Borromeo and Ghislieri) also have significant income from the College endowment. Well over 2,000 of the students who study at Pavia and live in College, however, live in Colleges or Halls of residence funded and managed by EdISU, a body constituted in 2007 by the University and local (regional) government in order to widen access to Higher Education.

Each year several hundred new students are admitted to EdISU Colleges and Halls of residence. Admission is competitive and criteria for eligibility for 1st year students include the results of the examination at the end of the pre-University school (> 70/100) and family income. Criteria for eligibility in higher years are the results of examinations, measured by a cumulative number of credits (exemptions) and average exam score.

EdISU Colleges and Halls of residence offer a range of facilities including libraries, computer and study rooms and sport grounds. The majority of EdISU Colleges and Halls of residences are located in the centre of Pavia and several (Cairoli, Castiglioni and Fraccaro) occupy beautiful historical buildings. Four Colleges/Halls of residence (Griziotti, Volta and Residenza Golgi 1 and 2) are located on the edge of the city, and three of them are located either close to (Residenza Golgi 1 and 2) or within (Volta) the University campus.

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