Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Collegio A Volta is one of 11 Colleges or   Halls of Residence at the University of Pavia governed by EdISU, a body involving  University and local government and aiming to promote Higher Education.  Volta shares with all other EdISU Colleges a general set of Rules and Regulations for EdISU Colleges and Halls of Residence issued in June 2011 after a review of earlier Rules. These rules have been further reviewed in August 2016 and the latest version can be downloaded here.

College Rules & Regulations

In addition, College has issued a set of specific Rules & Regulations of Collegio A Volta. These do not replace but complement and extend the EdISU ones and have to be read, understood and adhered by every member of College. Extracts of the College rules concerning House Life, Libraries, Study Rooms, Information Technology (IT) and Health & Safety are given to College students both in English and in Italian. They are given in hard copy on arrival to all new members of College, who have to confirm in writing that they have read and understood the rules in full prior to taking up residence. These specific sets of Rules & Regulations can also be downloaded from the links below by prospective students and visitors of Collegio Volta.

College Rules & Regulations

House Rules

Library Rules

Study Rooms Rules

Information Technology Rules

Health & Safety Rules

Regolamento del Collegio

Regole Interne

Regolamento di Biblioteca

Regolamento delle Sale Studio

Regolamento sull’ uso di computers e internet

Regole di Salute e Sicurezza

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