EdISU Bursaries

EdISU awards each year bursaries to ~ 1,500 students studying at the University of Pavia. For students living in College, the bursary includes both a maintenance grant and payment of College fees. For students living at home or in other, non-College accommodation, the bursary consists of the maintenance grant. EdISU therefore provides financial support to ~ 6% of the undergraduate and MSc students currently studying at the University of Pavia.

For the year 2013/14 EdISU aims to award 400 bursaries to year 1 students enrolling into undergraduate or MSc Courses of the University of Pavia, 900 bursaries to students of higher years and 40 bursaries to students registered with the University of Pavia but studying abroad for the academic year 2013/14 or part of it. These awards are made at the end of October (see below) and, typically, EdISU makes a second round of awards in the spring, subject to the availability of extra funds. The number of bursaries awarded in the second round of awards, therefore, varies from year to year.

Criteria for eligibility for 1st year students include the results of the examination at the end of the pre-University school (> 70/100) and family income. Criteria for eligibility in higher years are the results of examinations, measured by a cumulative number of credits (exemptions) and the average score. The value of EdISU bursaries varies according to the fact students live in College or otherwise. For students not living in College, bursaries range from € 1,871 to € 2,637 per year, depending on family income. For students living in College bursaries range from € 3,968 to € 5,073 per year and cover the College fee and a maintenance grant corresponding to the one listed above for students not living in College.

The current deadline for applications for EdISU bursaries is 30 September with results available by 31 October. It is envisaged though that in 2014 the deadline for application may be brought forward, probably to mid July or the end of July. Students interested in applying for an EdISU bursary for the academic year 2014/15, are requested therefore to check periodically the relevant EdISU pages in order to complete and submit the application by the due deadline. Foreign students interested in studying at Pavia and joining Collegio are welcome to contact the College Master, E Gherardi, for advice on the application procedures.

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