Information Technology

Collegio Volta was the first EdISU College to provide internet access email support and a wifi network built and maintained by College graduates in Engineering. In the summer of 2014, however, coinciding with the completion of the North Wing, a new wifi network has been built covering the whole College (both the South and North wings) and offering connection speeds ranging from .....  to ...... kb/s, several times higher than the previous one.

Hardware Support

EdISU provides basic hardware support to commumal computers and printers. Requests for service must be submitted by the College staff. Students who notice a hardware problem with a College computer or printer thus need to report this to the College office who will trigger the service and report back to the sudents details of the remedial action taken.

Computer rooms

The College currently maintains two computer rooms on the second floor equipped with several PCs, two iMacs (Mac OS 9), a scanner, printer and copier. Standars software packages are installed on all computers (word processing, spreadsheets, reference managers). Students requiring additional software should notify the College office Only software made available and installed by EdISU contractors and instructed by the College office may be installed on College computers.


A College wide wireless network is available. The network has been installed and is maintained by Hypergrid, a local network and network security company. Access to the College computers and network requires an account issued by the College office. Access to the intranet area of the College webpages requires a separate account that can be generated directly from the student from the home page.

Network Maintenance

Students encountering problems with internet access should submit detailed information to Hypergrid. They can do so by filling a form available both in Italian and English (the form in Italian can be downloaded here; the form in English can be downloaded here) and submitting to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with copy to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Students will be contacted directly by Hypergrid and informed of the steps taken to solve the problem. Students are also reminded that they must submit copy of their request for support to the College office for the sake of College records.


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